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FNF offers young Malaysians a chance to apply their creativity

Ever wanted to sell your ideas to the world? How often have we felt that we would like to make a difference but just lack the opportunity and the channel to reach out? Well here is your chance. More...


Foundation Goes Online with Liberal Podcast

Theodor Heuss Academy in Germany
Alexandra Cuyegkeng and Dr. Ronald Meinardus recording the maiden issue of the FNF Podcast.
The Friedrich Naumann Foundation Philippine Office has published its first online audio program: The Liberal Times Manila Podcast. Comparable with a regular radio talk show, the 20 minutes podcast hosted by Resident Representative Dr. Ronald Meinardus and Communications Officer Alexandra Cuyegkeng contains news and commentary on all matters relating to the liberal Foundation’s Philippine project.

In line with Liberal Times Manila, the Foundation’s electronic newsletter sent to over 1,700 subscribers in the Philippines and other countries, The Liberal Times Manila Podcast will be published on a monthly basis.

“Don’t underestimate the presence of the Philippines in the World Wide Web,” said Dr. Meinardus in the maiden issue of the Foundation’s podcast. “Liberals like to be ahead of the pack. Podcasting is a progressive communications tool that the liberal Foundation can use to reach a wider audience,” he added.

You may download The Liberal Times Manila Podcast and access more information regarding the technicalities of listening to the show on this page. We hope you will enjoy this new form of political information. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions.

FNF-SSCMA Workshop in Thailand

Friedrich Naumann Foundation Thailand Project and the Thai Senate Standing Committee on Military Affairs (SSCMA) continued their close cooperation in the field of Security Sector Reform for the fourth consecutive year. One key activity was the annual workshop on the topic of “Military Reform: Military Self-Reliance, Defence Industry and Cooperation between Public and Private Sectors” at the Shangri-La Hotel, Bangkok on 14 December 2005. Participants came from the Royal Thai Armed Forces, the political, academic and security sectors. More...


ASEAN Human Rights: A View from Thailand

Sriprapha Petcharameesree
The Working Group for an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism, also known as the Regional Working Group (RWG) has achieved a lot since its establishment in 1993. However, a regional Commission on Human Rights remains a distant prospect. This is the view of Dr. Sriprapha Petcharameesree, director of the Center for Human Rights Studies and Social Development at the Mahidol University in Bangkok, of the Thai National Working Group for an ASEAN Human Rights Mechanism.

The RWG is an informal coalition of individuals and organizations in ASEAN member countries. Its main objective is to establish an intergovernmental human rights mechanism in the region. The RWG has from the outset been a partner of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. More...


Democratic consolidation through strengthening of political parties and parliament

Some main political party participants, from left: Akbar Faizal (Moderator and member of Forum Politisi), Yahya Zaini, Pramono Anung, Lalu Misbah, Endin AJ Soefihara, Zulkifli Hasan, Mohammad Jafar Hafsah.
The Forum Komunikasi Partai Politik dan Politisi untuk Reformasi (or Communication Forum for Party and Parliamentary Reform) conducted its national conference from 2 – 4 December 2005 in Jakarta. Also known as Forum Politisi, this is a broad-based discussion forum consisting of members of the national parliament (DPR) and party functionaries from several of the largest and most important Indonesian parties. More...


40th Dialogue session: Development and management of farmers’ water users communities

Participants at the 40th Dialogue session in Phnom Penh.

The 40th “Dialogue” workshop session was conducted in late May in Phnom Penh, and focused on the role of farmers in creating and managing the water user communities. Among the experiences shared were from two NGO-supported projects (one from the French NGO GRET and the other one a national NGO, CEDAC) and one case from a private initiative. More...


Experiments in market economy: North Korean economic and financial experts on study tour to Germany

Mr. Ulrich Niemann, FNF Resident Representative in Korea, with the North Korean delegates at the German Finance Ministry in Berlin.
For the first time ever, a delegation of ten economic and financial experts from the North Korean government went to Germany on a study tour on the invitation of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF). Since spring 2004, FNF has been organizing training seminars on the market economy in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) on a regular basis. More...

In a recent commentary, Dr. Ronald Meinardus discusses the situation and the challenges of Filipino Liberals as they celebrate the 60th anniversary of their party.

Every year, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s Jakarta office publishes an educational political calendar illustrated with caricatures by young Indonesian artists. The 2006 theme is “the functions and roles of political parties in a democracy”. More...

Democracies cannot survive without strong political institutions, especially political parties and parliaments. This is the assessment of the legislative process of the Indonesian Parliament (DPR) recently conducted by Dr. Stephen Sherlock for the FNF Indonesia office. More...

Elections and Democracy in Malaysia is the latest study on this complex yet very important subject. It is based on a comprehensive research by a team of scholars initiated by IKMAS in cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation. This book is an interesting read for Malaysian voters as well as those interested in the political and electoral system of Malaysia. More...

If you want to learn about the basics of liberalism, you should not miss this book. More...

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